Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard

Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard

Microsoft® Web Publishing Wizard is a fast small web publishing tool

Microsoft® Web Publishing Wizard is a tiny but yet very effective program that enables beginners to upload a web page to the Internet and start sharing it with the whole world easily and professionally by uploading local web pages or files to any hosting account that supports the following protocols :

1- FTP ( file transfer protocol ) .
2- Microsoft® Frontpage extension ( an extension installed on most Windows® and Linux web servers ) .
3- HTTP POST methods .
4- Microsoft® Content Replication system .

Compatibility requirements :

1-Internet Explorer 4.0 and later .
2- Windows 95 & NT 4.0 and later .

Instructions of use :
1- Build your webpages using Microsoft® Frontapge or any similar program .
2- Get a paid or free webhosting account that supports FTP, Microsoft® Frontpage extension or Microsoft® Content Replication system .
3- download and use Microsoft® Web Publishing Wizard to upload your web pages to your webhosting account .

1- You don't have to have a webhosting account to use this program as you can still upload your web pages to a LAN computer or ISP private hosting account for local intranet use .
2- This program requires information about your webhosting account , If you are not sure from where you get them then please contact your webhosting provider and ask about your login details .
3- It's not advisable to save your login details while using a public computer .

Mark Adeeb
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Review summary


  • Very small file size
  • Can save the username and password for your site so you don't keep entering them
  • Very easy and straight forward
  • Compatible with almost any windows PC


  • Not providing resume capabilities while uploading
  • Cannot save the project for future use
  • The program just disappears and unload itself after success not leaving a chance to upload more files without starting the program and entering all details again
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